Advt. of Project Positions

Advt. No. Project Title Deptt./Centre PI Name Walk-in Last Date File
IITD/IRD/005/2022 Next Generation Wireless Research and Standardization on 5G and Beyond (RP04156G) Department of Electrical Engineering Prof. Brejesh Lall No 20/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/001/2022 Subject Expert Group on Rural Energy Systems under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA)(MI02170G) Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. PMV Subbarao No 20/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/009/2022 Development of Novel Aptamers for CTCs and its use in impedimetric multiplexed microfluidic chip for Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Metastatic Carcinomas (RP04209G) Centre for Biomedical Engineering Prof. Sandeep Kumar Jha No 21/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/007/2022 Quantum Technologies using Hybrid Photons for Secure Communication & Quantum Information (RP03700G) Department of Physics Prof. Joyee Ghosh No 21/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/006/2021 A wearable system for quantitative assessment and recovery prediction during gait restoration in Parkinsons and Cerebral Ataxia Patients (RP04110G) Centre for Biomedical Engineering Prof. Deepak Joshi No 21/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/013/2022 Study of Airwake and its Control over Flight Deck of Aircraft Carrier for Safe Aircraft landing Operations (RP03811G) Department of Applied Mechanics Prof. Sawan Suman Sinha No 24/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/012/2022 Channel modelling & Novel Techniques for Long Range Visible Light Underwater Communication (RP04177G) Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Prof. Monika Aggarwal No 24/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/011/2022 Exploration of Bifunctional Catalysis for Asymmetric Vinylogous addition reaction and Diels-Alder Reaction (RP04214G) Department of Chemistry Prof. Ravi P Singh No 24/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/010/2022 Renewable Energy EMPOWERing European and InDian communities (RE-EMPOWERED). (RP04172G) Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. PMV Subbarao No 24/01/2022 View
IITD/IRD/008/2022 Effect of Climate Change and air pollution on malaria in India-A machine learning approach (RP04194G) Department of Civil Engineering Prof. Harsha Kota No 24/01/2022 View