Research Scholar Travel Award

All Research scholars can be awarded a travel grant under “Research Scholar Travel Award” (RSTA) upto a maximum of Rs. 80,000/- from IRD Research Promotion Fund over and above the initial grant of Rs. 20,000/- provided by the Institute, subject to the following:

  • The assured grant would be available to research scholars to attend and present a paper in an international conference of repute once during their stay at IIT Delhi; based on the proof that they have already applied to at least two other funding agencies for supporting their travel.

  • The assured grant implies that in case they do not get grant from other agencies, they would still be able to claim reimbursement for travel and other conference related expenses subject to a maximum of Rs. 80,000/- per awardee.

  • The Institute would support 100 such conference travels in one financial year through this scheme. This would also imply support to 100 students under the RSTA scheme.