About IRD

The Industrial Research & Development (IRD) Unit was specifically setup in the Institute to provide specialized administrative and managerial support for the operation of Sponsored Research Projects, Consultancy Jobs and other related R&D activities.

The main functions of IRD Unit include administrative and accounting support for :

  • Sponsored Research Projects
  • Consultancy Jobs
  • Institute Sponsored High Impact Projects
  • Research Grant for New faculty
  • Recruitment of Project staff
  • Professional Development Fund (PDF)
  • Departmental Development Fund.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA)
  • Sponsored Fellowships
  • Student Assistantships from Projects.
  • Fellowships and Travel Assistance to Research Scholars.
  • Industry Sponsored M. Tech. Programmes.
  • A few major projects such as INDEST, Eklavya, NPTEL on behalf of the Institute.
  • National and International Conferences, Symposiums and Seminars etc.
  • Open House

IIT Delhi lays a strong emphasis on the sponsored research and industrial interaction. The Institute has not only given due emphasis to investigation of problem of direct relevance to the needs of the country through time bound sponsored and consultancy project aimed at solving live industrial problems, but also has given special attention to emerging areas internationally.

Along with teaching and academic research leading to doctoral degree, the Institute gives high priority to research and development projects sponsored by national and international agencies and user organizations. Industrial consultancy is another significant area of activity of the Institute. The nature and extent of the industrial consultancy projects undertaken by the institute is an index of its credibility with the industry.

The Institute has given due emphasis to jobs of varied nature like trouble shooting , product and process development, design checks, and investigation of problems of direct relevance to the needs of the country through time bound Sponsored Research and Consultancy projects.

To achieve enhanced industrial participation in engineering education, the institute has undertaken industry sponsored Masters Degree programmes such as "VLSI Design Tools & Technology", "Construction Technology and Management" and "Power Generation Technology".