Call for proposals

Funding Agency Call for Proposals Last Date Remarks File
IRD Unit, IIT Delhi IRD Call for Proposals from students : 1234 Discover and Learn Projects 29/09/2017 - View/Download
IRD Unit, IIT Delhi IRD Call for Proposals :  Student  Startup Action 29/09/2017 - View/Download
DBT DBT Call for Proposal in the Area of Nano-intervention in Management of Opthalmic Diseases 30/09/2017 - View/Download
EU-India EqUIP call for collaborative research on sustainability, equity, wellbeing and cultural connections - - View/Download
MNRE Awards for Innovative Ideas in New & Rebewable Energy - " Abhinav Soch Nayee Sambhawanayen 30/09/2017 - View/Download
British Council - UKIERI UKIERI Call for Research Proposals 2017-18 20/10/2017 - View/Download
Shastri Indo‐Canadian Institute Shastri Indo‐Canadian Institute : Call for Proposal 31/08/2017 - View/Download
Google Google Faculty Research Awards 2017.pdf 30/09/2017 - View/Download
United States Army International Technology Center - Pacific : ARO US ITC-PAC Army Rsearch Office Reserch Funding Opportunities - - View/Download
US Army International Technology Center-Pacific ITC-PAC : Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Research Funding Opportunities - - View/Download