Advt. of Project Positions

Advt. No. Project Title Deptt./Centre PI Name Whether Walk-in Interview Last Date File
IITD/IRD/127/2016 Model Based Approach for Optimizing Recombinant Protein Synthesis in Continous Cultures of Pichia Pastoris (RP03133) Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Prof. Atul Narang Yes 28/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/122/2016 Bharti School of Telecom Technology & Management (MI00233) Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management Prof. ShankarPrakriya Yes 29/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/134/2016 Design and Development of Low Cost Post Harvest Equipments for Simarouba Seeds (RP03186) Centre for Rural Development & Technology Prof.S.N. Naik No 30/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/130/2016 Development of Self-Lubricating Bush Bearings with Polymeric Nano-Composites (RP02925) ITMMEC Prof. Jayshree Bijwe No 30/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/137/2016 Development of Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Sustainable High Performance Concrete (RP03121) Department of Civil Engineering Prof. Shashank Bishnoi Yes 03/10/2016 View
IITD/IRD/136/2016 Centre of Excellence for Bio-pharmaceutical Technology (RP03126) Department of Chemical Engineering Prof. Anurag Singh Rathore Yes 03/10/2016 View
IITD/IRD/135/2016 Structural Analysis Design and Drawings of Type A and Type E Buildings of Belliere Project for Sobha Developer (CW13472) Department of Civil Engineering Prof. Vasant A. Matsagar Yes 05/10/2016 View
IITD/IRD/129/2016 Land Surface Atmosphere Feedbacks in Croplands (RP03012) Centre for Atmospheric Science Prof. Somnath Baidya Roy Yes 05/10/2016 View
IITD/IRD/128/2016 Correlation Between Magneto-transport Non-volatile Charge Memory and Electronics Structure of Nano-composite Films (RP03089) Department of Physics Prof. Santanu Ghosh Yes 05/10/2016 View
IITD/IRD/133/2016 Studies on Composite based Piezoelectric Nano Fibrous Web for its Potential Application in Energy Harvesting (Start Up Research Grant) RP03235 Department of Textile Technology Dr. S. Wazed Ali Yes 06/10/2016 View
IITD/IRD/132/2016 Development of Nonwoven Fabric based Water Filtration System to Provide Safe Drinking Water in Rural Area (RP03223) Department of Textile Technology Prof. Apurba Das Yes 06/10/2016 View
IITD/IRD/131/2016 Nanoparticles of Palladium, Ruthenium and Platinum Chaicogenides: Generation by Single SourcePrecursor, Role and Application in Coupling Reactions (RP03193) Department of Chemistry Prof. A.K.Singh Yes 06/10/2016 View