Advt. of Project Positions

Advt. No. Project Title Deptt./Centre PI Name Walk-in Last Date File
IITD/IRD/114/2020 Development of Multilayered Coated and Laminated Fabric for Aerostat Hull Material (RP03465G) Department of Textile Technology Prof. (Ms.) Mangala Joshi No 04/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/113/2020 Development of an Integrated Process for Conversion of Biomass to Affordable Liquid Biofuel (RP03509G) Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Prof. Atul Narang No 04/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/115/2020 Artificial intelligence based mobile app for identification and advisory of maize diseases and insect pests (RP03649G) Department of Electrical Engineering Prof. Brejesh Lall No 05/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/117/2020 Operational and Running Cost of the Joint Advanced Technology Centre, IIT Delhi (JATC-IITD Project # 1- for Running Costs of the Centre) (MI01566) Department of Chemistry Prof. S.K. Khare/Mr. M.H. Rahaman No 10/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/118/2020 Development of Suitable Processes for the Synthesis and Purification of Trimethyl Phosphate (TMPO) and Triethyl Borate (TEB) (RP03520G) Department of Chemical Engineering Prof. K.K. Pant No 11/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/116/2020 Building end to end 5G Test Bed (RP03521G) Department of Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Huzur Saran No 13/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/121/2020 Augmentation of the PANS methodology with non-linear eddy visosity closure for simulating turbulent separated flows (RP03923G) Department of Applied Mechanics Prof. Sawan Suman Sinha No 14/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/120/2020 Mechanical Behaviour of Light Weight Materials Under Different Rates of Dynamics Loading (RP03433G) Department of Applied Mechanics Prof. Vikrant Tiwari No 14/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/119/2020 Power to the People: Democratizing energy through Decentralized Manufacture and Production of Afford able Reliable, Sustainable Solar Power (SUNRISE- 2) (RP03872F) Centre for Energy Studies Prof. Sandeep Kumar Pathak No 14/08/2020 View
IITD/IRD/122/2020 Flexible Inorganic Devices for Backplane and Sensor Node Electronics (RP03754G) Department of Electrical Engineering Prof. Madhusudan Singh No 21/08/2020 View