Advt. of Project Positions

Advt. No. Project Title Deptt./Centre PI Name Whether Walk-in Interview Last Date File
IITD/IRD/121/2016 Metabolic Engineering of Zymomonas Mobilis for Production of Malic Acid(RP03228) Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Prof. V. S. Bisaria Yes 01/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/118/2016 Molecular Engineering of New Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Sensilizers for Applications in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (RP02914) Centre for Energy Studies Prof. Vamsi K Komarala Yes 02/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/120/2016 Design and Development of MEMS based SOC for Wide Band Energy Harvesting for Cellular Application (RP02878) Department of Electrical Engineering Prof. Madhusudan Singh Yes 05/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/119/2016 Investigation on CedA as Primary Protein Responsible for Coordination of Bacterial Chromosomal Replication and Cell Division (RP03143) School of Biological Sciences Prof. Bishwajit Kundu Yes 06/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/117/2016 Advanced CNC Micromachining System with Integrated Micro Tool Manufacturing (RP03183) Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Sunil Jha Yes 07/09/2016 View
IITD/IRD/111/2016 Maintenance and Development of Institute Website (MI00195) Computer Services Centre Prof. Huzur Saran Yes 07/09/2016 View