Advt. of Project Positions

Advt. No. Project Title Deptt./Centre PI_Name Whether Walk-in Interview Last_Date File
IITD/IRD/157/2014 In-vitro Reconstruction of Muscle Contraction (RP02623) Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Dr. Ravi Krishnan E No 30/09/2014 View
IITD/IRD/155/2014 Development of Self-Lubricated Bush Bearings with Polymeric Nano-Composites (RP02925) ITMMEC Prof. Jayashree Bijwe No 30/09/2014 View
IITD/IRD/154/2014 Synthesis & Characterization Non-lead based Multiferroic Systems (RP02873) Department of Physics Prof. Ratnamala Chatterjee Yes 30/09/2014 View
IITD/IRD/153/2014 Studies on Zinc Oxide Based Optical Fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance Gas Sensors (RP02833) Department of Physics Prof. B.D. Gupta No 30/09/2014 View
IITD/IRD/156/2014 Design of nanostructured Oxygen Electrodes for Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (RP02921) Department of Chemical Engineering Dr. M. Ali Haider Yes 01/10/2014 View
IITD/IRD/159/2014 Department Development Fund of Applied Mechanics Department (MI00645) Department of Applied Mechanics Prof. Puneet Mahajan / Dr. Anamika Prasad Yes 08/10/2014 View
IITD/IRD/158/2014 Isolation and Characterization of Bacterial Strains and their Enzymeswith Lignolytic Potential from Western Ghats of India (RP02931) Centre for Rural Development & Technology Dr. Hariprasad P Yes 08/10/2014 View