Archive of Project Positions

Project Title Deptt./Centre PI_Name Last_Date File
Baseline Efficiency Enhancement of 1 to 2% of a-Si:H/c-Si Heterojunction Solar cells by enhanced Absorption Process due to Surface Plasmons of Metallic Nanostructures (RP02468) Centre for Energy Studies Dr. Vamsi Krishna Komarala 27/03/2013 View
Water Resources - Ganga River Basin Management Plan (MI00841) Department of Civil Engineering Prof. A. K. Gosain 27/03/2013 View
MTech. Programme in VLSI Design Tools and Technology (RP00900) Department of Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Anshul Kumar 27/03/2013 View
Wireless Body Area Network for Health Monitoring (RP02491) Centre for Instrument Design & Development Prof. A. L. Vyas 15/03/2013 View
1. Boundry Layer Characteristics Over Surfaces Representative of CTCZ Region in India (RP02485) 2.Mathematical Modeling of Dispersion of Air Pollutants in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (RP02494) Centre for Atmospheric Science Prof. Maithili Sharan 15/03/2013 View
Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Aerodynamics of Blended Wing Body (BWB) Tailless Configurations (RP02502) Department of Applied Mechanics Prof. S.N. Singh 14/03/2013 View
Design and Development of KTP based tunable Optical Parametric Oscillator (RP02526) Department of Physics Prof. M. R Shenoy 14/03/2013 View
Maintenance and Development of Institute Website (MI00195) Computer Services Centre Prof. S. Arun Kumar 14/03/2013 View
SPARC: Spectrum Aware Rural Connectivity (RP02565) Department of Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Vinay Ribeiro 14/03/2013 View
Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management Department Development Fund (MI00691) Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management Prof. Ranjan Bose 14/03/2013 View
Understanding Microphysical Evolution of Clouds in the Indian CTCZ: Variablity and Impacts of Aerosols (RP02479) Centre for Atmospheric Science Dr. Sagnik Dey 14/03/2013 View
Management Department Development Fund (MI00644) Department of Management Studies Prof. Mahim Sagar 14/03/2013 View
Development of Single Polymer Composite Materials as Light-Weight Modular Systems for Temporary Structures (RP02645) Department of Textile Technology Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay 13/03/2013 View
Production of High Value Therapeutic Proteins using Pichia System (MI00806) Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Prof. Saroj Mishra 13/03/2013 View
Chemical Engineering Department Development Fund (DDF) - MI00678 Department of Chemical Engineering Prof. S. Basu 12/03/2013 View
Centre for Atmospheric Science Development Fund (CDF) - MI00686 Centre for Atmospheric Science Prof. S.K. Dash 12/03/2013 View
Non-silicon based technologies for nanofabrication and nanoscale devices (RP02395) Nano Scale Research Facility Prof. M. Jagadesh Kumar 07/03/2013 View
Algorithms & Complexity (RP02432) Department of Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Naveen Garg 05/03/2013 View
Mapping of Water bodies in National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi (RP02383) Centre for Rural Development & Technology Prof. S. N. Naik 05/03/2013 View
Creation of Common Computing Infrastructure (RP02595) Department of Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Huzur Saran 04/03/2013 View
Special Project under SGSY for creation of Employment Opportunities & Increase in shelf life of Fruits & Vegetables ..... in North India (RP01924) Department of Chemistry Prof. H.M. Chawla 01/03/2013 View
Development of a contaminated site classification and remediation system (RP02702) Department of Civil Engineering Dr. A.K. Nema 01/03/2013 View
Natural Fibre Reinforced Random Composite (RP02704) Department of Textile Technology Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay 01/03/2013 View
MI to operate DDF at Department of Textile Technology (MI00684) Department of Textile Technology Prof. R Chattopadhyay 28/02/2013 View
Simulation and Prediction of Intense Convective Associated with Indian Summer Monsoon: Role of Land Surface Processes (RP02486) Centre for Atmospheric Science Prof. U.C. Mohanty 28/02/2013 View
Investigation of boiling two-phase flows in vertical tubes (RP02691) Department of Chemical Engineering Prof./Dr. Shantanu Roy 28/02/2013 View
Portable Widebrand Detector for Electromganetic Emissions (Sub-project under RP02132)(MI00900) Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Prof. A. Basu 28/02/2013 View
Development of nanoparticles related water quality (NP-WQ) framework for protecting source drinking water (RP02640) Department of Civil Engineering Prof./Dr. Arun Kumar 28/02/2013 View
Design and Fabrication of Photovoltaic Cell (PV/FC) Hybrid System (RP02652) Centre for Energy Studies Prof. V. Dutta 28/02/2013 View
Book writing project for DST on Problmes and Solutions in Electromagnetic Theory Physics (RP02554) Department of Physics Prof. B.P. Pal 27/02/2013 View