Archive of Project Positions

Project Title Deptt./Centre PI_Name Last_Date File
Molecular Mechanisms of Hypoxia Resistance in Giloblastoma: Role of microRNAs (RP02521) Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Dr. Ritu Kulshreshtha 15/02/2013 View
Design and Development of Low Insertion Loss Narrow Band Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Filters on Quartz Substrate at VHF & UHF for Satelite Communication (RP02698) Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Prof. B.S. Panwar 15/02/2013 View
RF Microwave and Millimeter Wave MEMS Characterization (RP02211) Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Prof S K Koul 15/02/2013 View
Safety Modeling & Epidemiological Research (MI00286) Transportation Research & Injury Prevention Programme Dr. Geetam Tiwari 15/02/2013 View
Physics Department Development Fund (MI00683) Department of Physics Prof. K. Thyagarajan 13/02/2013 View
STREAT-Sustainable Semi-Decentralized Sewage Treatment-Watewater Reuse, Nutrient Recovery and Biogas Production in teh Delhi Metropolitan Area (RP02591) Department of Civil Engineering Prof./Dr. Mukesh Khare 11/02/2013 View
Development of Reactive Extraction Process for prodcution of biolubricant from wild castor seeds (RP02410) Centre for Rural Development & Technology Prof. S.N. Naik 11/02/2013 View
Development of High Performance Clothing for Active Sports (RP02688) Department of Textile Technology Dr. Apurba Das 11/02/2013 View
Bioreactor Modeling and Simulation Lab. (MI00739) Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Prof. A.K. Srivastava 07/02/2013 View
Development of a New Model using Dynamic Stress for A) Prediction of Bearing Residual life and B) Deciding Optimal Condition Monitoring Intervals (RP02303) Department of Mechanical Engineering Dr. A. K. Darpe 06/02/2013 View
Development and Demonstration of Hydrogen Fuelled Internal Combustion Engines for Vehicles (RP02329) Centre for Energy Studies Prof. L.M. Das 04/02/2013 View
1. Bharti School of Telecom Technology & Management, IIT Delhi (MI00233) 2. G1WP1 - eAgriculture - Crop Disease Mitigation and Management System (RP02679) 3. G1WP4 - Internet of Things - eHealth (RP02680) Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management Prof. Subrat Kar 01/02/2013 View
Immersive Environment for Tele-operation (RP02347) Department of Computer Science & Engineering Prof. P.K. Kalra 30/01/2013 View
National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) (MI00418) Educational Technology Services Centre Prof. Kushal Sen 22/01/2013 View
M.Tech. Programme on Atmospheric Oceanic Sci. & Tech. (MI00636) Centre for Atmospheric Science Prof. S.K. Dash 22/01/2013 View
Henry Ford Chair Professor awarded to Prof. Anoop Chawla (MI00757) Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Anoop Chawla 22/01/2013 View
Development of an Indian Human Body Finite Element Human Body Model for use in Impact, Textile and Medical Applications (RP02625) Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Anoop Chawla 22/01/2013 View
Experimental Investigations and Analysis of ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing process (RP02302) Department of Mechanical Engineering Dr. P.M. Pandey 22/01/2013 View
Video support for various PG courses (MI00569) Educational Technology Services Centre Prof. Sanjeev Sanghi 16/01/2013 View
Development of Biopolymer Based Hydrogel for Acne Treatment (RP02689) Department of Textile Technology Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta 16/01/2013 View
Project 1. Advancing the Efficiency and Production Potential of Excitonic Solar Cells (APEX) (RP02436) Project 2. Efficient Solar Cells Based on Organic and Hybrid Technology (ESCORT) (RP02499) Project 3. Development of Large Area, High Efficiency (19%) Passivated Interface Heterojunction (PIHJ) Solar Cells (RP02550) Centre for Energy Studies Prof. Viresh Dutta 10/01/2013 View
Integrated process development for biogas production from wastewater grown algal biomass (a second generation biofuel feedstock) and testing of algaemediated biogas conditioning (RP02537) Centre for Rural Development & Technology Dr. Anushree Malik 08/01/2013 View
Co-Curricular and Academic Interaction Council (CAIC) for the Academic Year 2012-13 (MI00995) Office of Dean (Academics) Prof. Anurag Sharma 07/01/2013 View
Proof Checking of the Detailed Design for Kolkata Metro (Work Order No-2 for Joka-Mominpur Corridor) (CW11857) Department of Civil Engineering Prof. K.G. Sharma 07/01/2013 View
Electron Transport in Graphene: Effect of Electromagnetic Potential Barriers, impurities,and electron-electron Interactions (RP02356) Department of Physics Dr. Sankalpa Ghosh 04/01/2013 View
Non-Silicon Based Technologies for Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Devices (RP02395) Nano Scale Research Facility Prof. Vikram Kumar 27/12/2012 View
Enzyme production and detoxification of deoiled jatropha seed cake by solid state fermentation for use in feed and protein produts development (RP02423) Department of Chemistry Prof. S.K. Khare 26/12/2012 View
Foundation of Trusted and Scalable 'Last Mile' Healthcare (RP02597) School of Information Technology Prof. Sanjiva Prasad 26/12/2012 View
Strategies for preventing protein aggregation (RP02560) Department of Chemistry Prof. M.N. Gupta 25/12/2012 View
PDF of Dr. Vasant Matsagar, Dept. of Civil Engineering (MI00148) Department of Civil Engineering Dr. Vasant Matsagar 24/12/2012 View