IRD Circulars of the current year as well as previous years

Circular ID Description Date File
IITD/ADR&D/2013/M-62/2559 Assistantship and fellowships under Sponsored Projects 21/03/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-151/2334 Consultancy jobs beyond 20/03/2013 during this financial year (2012-13) 14/03/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-52/2211 Invitation of proposals of Research Schemes by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways 11/03/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/MI01023/2210 Ninth Open House I2 Tech 2013 11/03/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/Accounts/112 Depositing of one months salary as security by project staff appointed on Adhoc/Contractual basis- Extension of relaxation 28/02/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-52/1644 Inviting Research Proposals under R&D funding of Coal India Ltd. 19/02/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-52/1582 Singh-Obama 21st Century Knowledge Initiative 18/02/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-65/1544 Delegations of Powers 15/02/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-52/1437 Indo-US Research Fellowships 2013 13/02/2013 View/Save
IITD/lRD/M-65/1329 Revised Delegation of Power of IRD Unit 11/02/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-65/1320 Appointment under Projects/Consultancies etc. through IRD Unit 08/02/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-130/721 Booking Charges of IRD Conference Room 22/01/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-162/693 Technology Development Project Initiation Award Scheme(TDP-IAS) 21/01/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/SURA-2013/63 Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP) inviting project proposals for Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) for the year 2013 02/01/2013 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-65/10570 Revision of delegation of powers for IRD Unit 24/12/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-52/9418 Engagement of Technical Staff on Contractual basis from Departmental Development Fund 08/11/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRDM-109/9417 Distribution of PDF amount, being generated from 'Admn. Overheads' share under Sponsored Research Projects to PI & Co-PI(s) 08/11/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-37/9256 Duties and Responsibilities of IRD Unit Staff Members 05/11/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRD/Accounts/450 IRD payment to suppliers/vendors by RTGS/NEFT mode 03/10/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRD/Accounts/415 New Procedure for crediting electronically received fund to project/consultancy 17/09/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRD/Accounts/350 Purchase of HP Cartridges for projects/consultancies. 13/08/2012 View/Save
ITD/IRD/Accounts/341 Cash purchases exceeding Rs. 15,000/- 08/08/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-127/6144 Reimbursement of Telephone and Mobile bills to Group-A Officers from the funds of projects/PDF 24/07/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-162/TDP-IAS/2012-II/5930 Project proposals from UG/PG Students under the scheme "Technology Development Project Initiation Award for Students (TDP-IAS)" for the Year 2012 (Session-II) 17/07/2012 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-81/5815 Medical Insurance Scheme for temporary IRD Unit employees and Sponsored Research Project Staff working on yearly contractual basis 13/07/2012 View/Save