IRD Circulars of the current year as well as previous years

Circular ID Description Date File
IITD/IRD Accounts Details of Foreign Project/ Consultancy Funds received in IRD Bank Account 26/03/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD Accounts Deatails of Foreign Project/ Consultancy Funds received in IRD Bank Account 26/03/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-52/133484 dated 02/02/2018 To maintain Attendance Record of All Project Employees 02/02/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/SURA-2018/132074 Call for Proposals from Students : SURA - 2018 29/01/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/2017/M-96/119059 dt. 21/12/2017 Extension of date for submision of application for hostel accommodation to female IRD project employees 21/12/2017 View/Save
Student Startup Action (2017) Student StartUp Action Project List (2nd Call 2017) 30/06/2018 View/Save
Discover & Learn 1-2-3-4 (2017) Discover & Learn Project List (2nd Call 2017) 30/06/2018 View/Save
FIRP 2017 FIRP Project List (2nd Call 2017) 30/06/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD IIT Delhi GST Number 24/11/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD/C-o-Ho/2017/110795 dt.27.11.2017 Revised Rates for accommodation for IRD Project employees at C-162, Block-C, SArvodya Enclave, New Delhi 27/11/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD/2017/M-96/110789 dt.27.11.2017 Allotment of Hostel Accommodation to Female IRD Project Employees 27/11/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD/2017/M-96/109018 Inviting application for IRD Accomodation From Female Project Staff 22/11/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD Summary : Faculty-wise sponsored research projects undertaken during the period 01‐01‐2012 to 30‐09‐2017 09/11/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD Summary : Faculty-wise ongoing sponsored research projects as on 1st November 2017 09/11/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD List of PIs (only top 50 in the list) in Sponsored Research Projects Undertaken during 1-1-2012 to 30-9-2017 17/10/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD-Proj-OusideCampus-Accommodation Facility for Out of Campus Project Staff Accomodation 05/10/2017 View/Save
electronic transfer details electronic transfer details for foreign project proposals 31/12/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-81/78596 Medical Insurance Scheme for IRD Staff and Projects Staff 21/08/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD/FIRP FIRP Project List 04/08/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-151/69919 Implementation of GST payable under Consultancy Jobs 25/07/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRDAC/FF/Jul-1 Identification of Foreign Funds received in IRD Bank Account 19/07/2017 View/Save
IITD/lRD/M-65/2017/61762 IRD Unit : Amendments in Delegation of Power 30/06/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD/B&B/48412 Dt.18.05.2017 Monthly Attendance and IRIS Introductory Programme of PAAs 19/05/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD/B&B/47684 Dt.17.05.2017 Monthly Attendanec and IRIS Introductory Programme for PAAs (Project Administrative Assistans) 18/05/2017 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-96/34154 Dt.05/04/2017 Corri:Applications for revised IP Apartments 05/04/2017 View/Save