IRD Circulars of the current year as well as previous years

Circular ID Description Date File
IITD/IRD/M-52/83309 dt.12/03/2019 Revision of emoluments and guidelines on service conditions for the research personnel engaged in R&D programme of the Central government Department / Agencies 12/03/2019 View/Save
Agenda IITD-NII meeting Agenda IITD-NII meeting 12/03/2019 View/Save
Agenda IITD-NII meeting Agenda for the meeting of IIT Delhi & National Institute of Immunology on 13th March, 2019 11/03/2019 View/Save
submission of UC/ SOE circular regarding submission of UC SOE 05/02/2019 View/Save
IITD/IRD/SURA-2019/64205 Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) - 2019 21/01/2019 View/Save
Statement of A/Cs Statement of Accounts year 2016-17 08/01/2019 View/Save
Statement of A/Cs Statement of Accounts year 2014-15 08/01/2019 View/Save
IRD Student Startup Action (2018) IRD Student Startup Action (2018) projects sanctioned 13/12/2018 View/Save
Discover & Learn 1-2-3-4 (2018) Discover & Learn 1-2-3-4 (2018) projects sanctioned 13/12/2018 View/Save
PDF Utilization Utilization of Professional Development Fund (PDF) 13/11/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/MI00148/37867 Faculty can purchase Air purifier from PDF 13/11/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/MFIRP/2018 List of projects approved under the IITD-AIIMS multi-institutional FIRP projects 08/11/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-109/26443 Revision of honorarium for the full-time students working under the Sponsored P roj ects/Co ns u ltanc ies. 10/10/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-52 Overhead Charges on MI Projects 05/10/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-109/26443 Revision of maximum limit of honorarium to full-time students 10/10/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD-EC2/2018 Committee to evaluate processes being followed by IRD Unit 24/09/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/MI-1546/2018/16774 Additional PAAs (2 Nos) allocation to Depts/Centers 14/09/2018 View/Save
IRD/Student-Startup Call for Proposals: Student Startup Action 11/09/2018 View/Save
IRD/DLS/2019 Call for Proposals From students : Discover and Learn (1‐2‐3‐4) Projects 11/09/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-126/2018 IRD Early-Doc Fellowship 11/09/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-81/5843 Dated 16.08.2018 Medical Insurance scheme for temporary IRD Unit employees and Sponsored Research Project staff working on yearly contractual basis. 16/08/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-039/HIRD/1341 dated 03.08.2018 The requirement of NET/SET/GATE for the post of Project Scientist 03/08/2018 View/Save
IITD/IRD/M-038/187849 Revision in Consolidated Pay slabs of ProjectStaff 04/07/2018 View/Save
IITD Payments above Rs. 5,000/- to suppliers, vendors, contractors or any other third part are made through e-payment/payment advice only. 23/01/2018 View/Save