Operational Guidelines for a Sponsored Research Project

Day to day Expenses

You may draw a permanent imprest up to Rs. 15,000/- for day to day expenses/petty purchase using online form on IRIS. Approval of Associate Dean (R&D) is required for drawing imprest beyond this limit. The accounts must be settled at the end of the financial year and can be drawn again in next financial year.

Purchase of Equipments/Consumables

The equipment purchase takes time and needs planning.

  • Please ensure the availability of sufficient funds in the project during the purchase process.

  • Please ensure to follow the Comprehensive Stores & Purchase Rules 2008 of the Institute available at Stores & Purchase website to avoid any audit objection. Breach of purchase rules may lead to cancellation of order. These purchases can include Purchase/upgradation/buyback of equipments, fabrication, components, offic

  • Minor Purchases: The PI is authorized to make purchases up to Rs. 2 Lacs (minor purchase) himself/herself by means of Purchase Committees. Purchase up to Rs. 15,000/- may be made without forming purchase committee. The purchases for a total value of more than Rs. 15,000/- and up to Rs. 1 lac can be done through a Purchase Committee approved by PI ensuring and certifying the reasonability of the price. If necessary, the buyer may draw an advance up to Rs.1.00 lac using online form on IRIS for making cash purchases while ensuring no single payment will exceed Rs. 15,000/- subject to timely adjustment. Advance payments to vendors or payment against delivery through cheque can be done by taking prior approval of competent authority through IRD. The IRD Unit has recently initiated the SBI Corporate Credit Card Scheme. The PI can now use this mode of payment for making minor purchases. Request for obtaining SBI Corporate Credit Card can be made using online “General Request” on IRIS.

  • Bills: For all purchases kindly make sure that the bills have S.No., Date and TIN/PAN no. of the vendor/supplier.

  • Imports: As per current rules, all imports (equipment, spare parts or consumables) regardless of their value should be processed through Central Stores & Purchase Section. In case of urgency, prior approval of the competent authority is required to make any purchase in foreign currency through internet/credit card etc. We are in the process of modifying imports under minor purchase.


The PI, Co-PIs, students and staff can visit places for project work outside the Institute as per entitlement, subject to availability of funds under budget head “Travel or TA/DA” of the project. However sanction of concerned HoD/HoC is required for being away from the Institute..

  • Local Travel:You can hire DLY Taxi within the National Capital Region (NCR) up to maximum limit of six times in a month, till a limit of Rs. 1600/- for up to 80km/8hr, Rs. 16/- per km and Rs. 100/- per hr thereafter for project/consultancy work. In case you have more than two projects, the limit on such hiring during the month will be ten without any prior approval. Metered Taxi and Radio Taxi can be hired as per IRD norms as notified in IRD Circular No. IITD/IRD/M-109/1199 dated 11.02.2011 and Circular No. IITD/ICDN/2013/1161 dated 04.09.2013. Prior approval of Associate Dean (R&D) is required using online form on IRIS only in case of any relaxation.

  • National:PI can sanction travel to any faculty member (including self), staff and students engaged with the project anywhere in India subject to expenses limited to their respective entitlement. However, this is subjected to the approval of leave of kind due by the concerned authority.

    Taxis between NCR and nearby cities (≤ 600 kms of total travel) can be hired @ ≤ Rs. 16/- per km for project/consultancy work.

    Taxis within city of visit or its nearby areas can be hired till a limit of Rs. 1600/- for up to 80km/8hr, Rs. 16/- per km and Rs. 100/- per hr thereafter as per requirement of project/consultancy work.

    All travel bookings are required to be made as per Institute norms. PIs can sanction expenses related to booking of travel tickets (including tatkal) and cancellation of travel tickets. Prior approval of Competent Authority using online form on IRIS is required only in case of any relaxation including non-Air India travel.

  • International:You or others may travel abroad from a project only if a specific provision is available for international travel in the project sanction. Prior approval of competent authority using online form on IRIS should be obtained for ex-India visits (including non-Air India travel) and sanction of leave needs to be obtained from respective sanctioning authority. PI can sanction Registration fees for international conferences from research projects.

  • Please ensure availability of funds in the project before booking tickets. Tickets may be booked through institute’s travel agents by signing a relevant form available on IRD website, which is used by the agents to claim reimbursement directly from IRD.

  • To help meet upcoming expenses during travel, you may draw advance using online form on IRIS. However, it may be noted that such advances need to be adjusted within fifteen days from the date of completion of journey.

  • Submit the claim for all travel related expenses using prescribed reimbursement offline Form No. IRD/TRV-5. This form is specific to all IRD related travels.