Operational Guidelines for a Sponsored Research Project

Full Text (Operational Guidelines for a Sponsored Research Project)

Principal Investigator (PI)

Principal Investigator (PI) of a sanctioned project is considered to be the prime interface between the funding agency and IRD and is operational head of the project. The PI is advised to keep the whole project team aware about the progress of the project and involve the Co-PIs in all related project activities. In his/her absence, the PI may request any of the Co-PI to take-over the responsibility of running the project and inform the change to IRD using online form on IRIS. However, if the responsibility is being handed over to another faculty member other than Co-PI, prior approval of Associate Dean (R&D) is required.

Delegation of powers for various activities have been recently revised. Many of these have been incorporated in this document. However, PI/Co-PIs are advised to study the same circulated vide IITD/IRD/M-65/10570 dated 24/12/2012 for smooth functioning. Most of requests related to operational activities of projects are required to be submitted online using appropriate form on IRD Online System (IRIS) at https://iris.iitd.ac.in/ird. The requests for which specific format is not available, the same may be submitted online using ‘General Requests’. The specific forms for online submission for other requests will also be added in IRIS in near future.

Receipt of Funds/Grants

Nowadays most of the grants (start or subsequent) are being released through RTGS/e-payment. PIs are requested to coordinate with Funding Agency to obtain a written communication (or email) of release of funds and convey this information to IRD so that the grant may be credited to their project without any delay. IRD has simplified the procedure for grant allocation, which is given in circular no. IITD/IRD/Accounts/415 dated 17/09/2012.

In case of extraordinary delays in release of subsequent grants, where funds are required for payment of staff salary and very necessary expenses, PI may request IRD to extend small loans using online form on IRIS to meet such expenses.

Staff Recruitment

IRD provides following options of recruiting project staff to kick-start the project activities:

  • Casual Appointments:The PIs can immediately exercise this option and offer a contract of work on casual basis (informal selection) to anyone with suitable qualifications starting from the date of their choice using online form on IRIS. However such awards are restricted to 3 months only for each individual. These may be given against sanctioned positions or for one-time requirement of a special nature. In the meantime, the process for Project Appointments (renewable on yearly basis) against the sanctioned posts in the project can be initiated.

  • Project Appointments: These appointments are contractual and renewed every year maximum up to the duration of the project or 5 years whichever is less. The request for the same may be initiated by filing offline Form No. IRD/REC-2. The PI has two options for holding these selections:- Option I - Walk in test/ Interview; and Option II - Shortlisting followed by test and / or Interview. The composition of Selection Committee is to be sent to IRD in offline Form No. IRD/REC-3..

  • IRD Unit will post the advertisement on IRD website and a general notice will be published in a National Newspaper twice in a month indicating the availability of advertised posts under various projects on IRD website.

  • Assistantships:PIs are encouraged to select full-time M.Tech./Ph.D. students through M.Tech. & Ph.D. selection process of the Dept./Centre and extend assistantship through the Project against sanctioned staff positions. Use online form on IRIS for sending requests for new assistantships and their renewals.

  • Engagement on Honorarium:Honorarium for providing assistance in project activities can be paid to full-time Ph.D./M.Tech./M.S.(R)/B.Tech./5th year Dual Degree students of IIT Delhi and students appointed under assistantship mentioned above as per approved norms using online form on IRIS.

    The full time students from outside (during vacations)/casual students registered at IIT Delhi/other working professionals can be engaged for project activities with or without honorarium basis as per IRD norms. The requests for such engagements be forwarded using online form on IRIS.

    Institute supporting staff may also be engaged for specific project and consultancy activities and paid honorarium with the approval of Associate Dean (R&D). The requests for such payments using offline Form No. IRD/HON-3A need to be forwarded through HoD/HoC in offline Form No. IRD/HON-3 with justification of work being assigned. No honorarium can be paid to project staff employed in sponsored projects/consultancy jobs.

  • Hiring of Casual Labour:Casual labour for special needs of the project can be hired for specific work on contracted amount (normally based on daily wage norms of the Institute) for a maximum period of 3 months using online form for casual appointment on IRIS. Beyond this period, such hiring is subjected to the recommendations of the Committee constituted by Associate Dean (R&D), for which a online “General Request” be forwarded through IRIS.

  • Appointing Visiting Scientists:The PIs can appoint visiting scientists by invitation against a sanctioned post in a project with the prior approval of Dean (R&D).

The detailed norms for recruitment of project staff are available on IRD website at http://ird.iitd.ac.in/recruitment_norms.